Liverpool Fans loyalty to Sterling Changed Drastically

loyalitas-fans-liverpool-kepada-sterling-berubah-drastis-9J9lelLNbQRaheem Sterling was originally revered Liverpool fans and is predicted to become one of the world’s top players are playing at Anfield Stadium. But later he changed into hatred stigma.

20-year-old attacking wing was refused a new contract offered Liverpool management, and allegedly wanted to go to another club. Such attitudes clearly inciting hatred fans who saw Sterling has betrayed the club where he made his name.

Even former footballer Liverpool, Graeme Souness should assess Sterling survive under the direction of Brendan Rodgers. Because players Jamaican descent was not maximizing its potential in Merseyside club.

“He (Sterling) is far from his best form. He should persist in Liverpool, learn and play to develop. If he personally notify want to go from Liverpool, then the word will spread and the fans will hate it, “said Souness on Sky Sports, on Thursday (21/05/2015).

“They showed loyalty to him-when I played there, they support my love and duka- even when he did not play the best game. And it seems he turned to them, and if true, it would be very sad for Liverpool, “he explained to livescore website

List of Best 4G Smartphones

4Some smartphone manufacturers competing to bring 4G smartphone with specs and prices vary. Of any 4G smartphone, users can see how strong hardware capabilities through detailed specifications of the device.

4G smartphone to offer handset manufacturers with varying prices, ranging from lowest to highest price. Here Okezone summarize some of the best 4G smartphone on the market.


Handset LG G4 carrying the body of curved similar to the series G Flex. 4G Smartphone is different from most other handsets, as performed by the body arched (curved) as well as a strong camera capabilities, where users can be snapped object with the same camera settings camera digital single-lens reflex (DSLR).

Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a unique body, which is not owned by smartphone competitors. Released with the screen left and right edges are curved, Samsung stays true to the device to remain thin body. The device is equipped with Gorilla Glass display 4 as well as the capability of firing a powerful 16MP main camera.

ZTE Blade S6

ZTE Blade S6 bring octa-core Snapdragon CPU with 2GB of RAM 615. Supported devices 13MP main camera is equipped with a battery capacity of 2.400mAh. Other features include gesture based interaction Smart Sense, UI MiFavor and AliveShare feature that allows users to perform various types of data transfer between devices with WiFi technology direct, without the need for network data.

Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus

One of the 4G smartphone that was recently announced, Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus carries a 13MP primary camera with F2.2 aperture that is claimed to be capable of producing excellent images even in low light conditions. Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus comes with a 5.5 inch landscape display and octa-core processor supported 64-bit speed of 1.5 GHz and 2GB RAM.

Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi Mi 4i is also a 4G smartphone that was recently announced in Indonesia. Smartphone with a 5-inch screen resolution of 1080 pixels full HD is equipped with 2GB RAM and octa-core processor 64-bit. 4G handset with a 3,120 mAh battery is claimed to last up to 1.5 days and carrying the Android OS 5.0 Lollipop.

Macho Men café will Opens in Japan

cafeMaybe some of us have heard the cafe with a unique concept of maid cafe, cafe employees dressed like a waiter in Victorian times in England. A cafe in Tokyo Japan has a similar concept.

Only the waiters they are not the cute girl dressed as waiters British ancient times, but the men muscled. The cafe was named Macho Cafe, servants wearing tight vest that showed their muscles to the visitors who are mostly women.

Official website of Macho cafe said that the idea of ​​opening this cafe arise when the owner asked himself “why there is a cafe that serves coffee from beans carefully selected, but no cafe carefully choose macho men?” To answer the question he then opened the café that offers the best services of the bodybuilders chosen for her clients.

Report from Kotaku, Thursday (05/21/2015) mentions the menu is presented in Macho Cafe is designed to fit the theme presented. Presenting foods rich in protein made by the burly man. Food opener, for example, consisted of salted eggs and oatmeal, while the main dish consisted of scrambled egg white and brown rice with tomato sauce stamp.

Prices are set to say expensive for such a menu. A plate of pancakes for instance valued at up to 1,620 yen  However, that price includes the poses that demonstrated the waitress when presenting the order is.

Yet they are not the most expensive menu of food, but rather an opportunity to take pictures with the waiters burly that surrounds you. Photo package called Wall of Meat that make you spend money approximately 3,219 yen .

Macho cafe is open only on certain days only. But every time it opened this cafe is always filled with visitors who even lined up to enjoy the services there.